Proximity creates solutions that bring people together. For more than 25 years, the family-run company has been building furniture that doesn’t just enhance efficiency, but actually helps to improve person-to-person interactions. From hospital examination rooms to training centers and airports, the diverse line of wall-mounted workstations, UVC disinfection devices, medicine cabinets, retail kiosks, and modular units enable caregivers, customers, and technology to interact in a safe, seamless, and effective manner.

The UV-CLEAN technology disinfects high-touch surfaces with an automated cleaning cycle. A small dose of UV-C light will activate to eliminate contagious pathogens ability to reproduce. This intelligent system detects motion allowing for safe use while simultaneously detecting if a surface has been contaminated. The goal is to give hospitals and patients alike peace of mind through the reduction of pathogens that can cause HAI’s.


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