About Us

armaTech® Medical equipment trading L.L.C is a leading medical cutting-edge technology, state of the art equipment distributor in the United Arab Emirates and most of G.C.C. countries. Committed to provide the highest quality, patient care, cost saving, accurate, advanced and reliable solutions.

The company operates from the head office based in Abu Dhabi and specializes in providing medical supplies that promotes the next generation medical practice, strongly linked to the latest research and development fields. To provide M.E. healthcare sector with the leading medical technologies worldwide and to help make the M.E. healthcare system a reference point for the world medical community.

PharmaTech® deploys a wide range of solutions from most advanced generation Robotics, healthcare supply chain improvement solutions, e-Health to cutting-edge technology medical equipments. At PharmaTech® we are committed to give a personalized attention to provide customized solutions.

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