UltraVision CLPL

The Benz Corporation has advised UltraVision that the use of enzyme cleaners, in conjunction with peroxide solutions, can damage the UV blocker in the Benz TM 3X material. Please ensure that wearers do not mix peroxide and enzyme cleaners together. Enzyme cleaners and peroxide solutions, when used individually, are not harmful to the UV blocker.

It is the responsibility of the practitioner to assess the patient at the fitting of a new multifocal lens, and to judge whether the patient’s visual requirements are being met, ensuring they are still able to achieve the legal standard required for specific tasks.

It is not possible to guard against the loss of opaque from the lens. However the risk can be reduced by the use of a 2-part peroxide solution and avoiding aggressive rubbing of the lens surfaces when cleaning.

In some cases we can attempt to re-opaque the lens at your own risk, should premature loss of the opaque occur within 3 months from the original order, providing the lenses are returned in good condition.

We are unable to re-opaque a lens if it has been stored or cleaned with any solution other than a 2-part peroxide system, due to the nature of the chemical processes involved.

We cannot guarantee to re-opaque any contact lens successfully and reserve the right to return the lens without re-opaquing.

Our 74% Silicone Hydrogel material is highly water retentive and has a more slippery surface than other materials; therefore some people may benefit from using an alternative removal approach to the usual “pinch off” method..

The lens can be removed by applying lid pressure from the top and bottom lids in a similar way to that used when removing an RGP lens. An example of the alternative approach to remove SiH lathe-cut contact lenses can be seen below:

Due to the nature of the material and the high water content, these lenses should be handled with care to avoid damage.
Solutions/Cleaners compatible with UltraVision SiH Contact Lenses
UltraVision recommends a rub and rinse system for cleaning any of our lathe-cut Silicone Hydrogel contact lenses, including:

Aphakic SiH™
Bandage SiH™
High Myopic SiH™
Paediatric SiH™
Prosthetic SiH™

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