Apostore 3000 – the very highest performance and safety

apostore 3000


The Apostore 3000 is the top class of picking machines. Two gripper arms for dispensing of the medicines and one handling device for the fully automatic intake make this picking machine a time-saving, unequalled all-rounder. The handling devices can both reach all stored packs and move freely past each other. They thus complement each other regardless of the place from which a pack needs to be taken and where it needs to be dispensed. The additional intake device works independently of the dispensing and fills the machine even when the pharmacy is fully busy. The special direct grippers handle the widest range of products on the market (even cylindrical and cellophane-covered items). The high speed, the increased reliability and the versatile grippers make it possible to streamline the processes in a pharmacy to an unprecedented degree.


And these are the highlights:

  • Very high reliability because each gripper can immediately take over the tasks of the other
  • independent systems for highest flexibility and best performance
  • multipick and combipick for dispensing several packs in one run
  • immediate availability of delivered goods
  • easy expiration date management
  • optimal use of space
  • video monitoring of the grippers and of the stocks for security and video remote maintenance
  • remote control and continued operation in the event of a malfunction in the goods management system
  • Double industrial PC with uninterruptible power supply
  • system housing able to hold shelves on the outside


      • ApoClean self-cleaning programme for the shelves
      • security log for limited access
      • fully automatic scanning of the goods
      • fully automatic intake from the bulk good at up to 520 packs/hour
      • label printer
      • 24 h counter


The Apostore 3000 – the picking machine without compromises



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