Keep all options for the future. Start off with the base module and expand the capacity of your machine according  to space and business developments. Safely and reliably with Height and length extension modules. Even at a later stage.

The CUBE is aimed especially at small-sized and medium-sized pharmacies, with price performance ratio of the individually adapted to your needs.

The CUBE come with standard 1.6m width

The CUBE start Length from 2.46 m to 7.91 m

The CUBE start Height from 2.4 m (increase by  40 cm )up to 3.6m

The CUBE  Capacity from 3310 up to 22750 articles.

The CUBE  come with Apo-Clean .


Modular construction

  • start off small and extend after time.
  • capacity extensions just when you need them.

Extreme flexibility

  • due to its modularity the robot can be extended in 36 cm steps lengthwise.
  • by 2 additional height modules you can use the space up to the ceiling.
  • complete modules are delivered and installed.
  • it can be relocated or moved just as fast.

Simple & fast installation


Low weight and enormous capacity

  • Low weight for free choice of location.
  • 44 cm deep shelves take more packages per m² storage space.


Excellent price-/performance ratio

  • you only buy the size you need now
  • modules are produced in batches


Keep all your Option for the future with the Apostore CUBE, Determine the Capacity of your CUBE Yourself





Apostore CUBE from pharmatech on Vimeo.

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