Automated Garment System


Titan System is the solution for the automatic management of folded garments, of uniforms for public institutions or industries. The system works with RFID technology, enabling the complete monitoring and extensive control of the garments’ movements, from the acceptance of soiled clothing to the automatic delivery of clean uniforms 24 hours a day.





The system consists of:
Redelivery Door for clean garments with rotating dispenser
Return Chute for soil garments
Management Software


An RFID microchip is attached to each garment to permit total garment tracking. This chip gives the article a unique identification. The identity of each garment is linked to the employee whom the garment belongs.

It is also possible to link garments by size or style without linking them to any particular user so that any  employee can use them. Information of all transactions are automatically stored into the system’s database.

The data of employees and garments is transmitted to a server via an Ethernet connection, the equipment can be interfaced with other software management via DLL or Web Services or File Transfer.



Titan System

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