Apostore TWIN – more than 2 fully-fledged machines




The Apostore Twin possesses shared warehousing for both machines. For the operator and the connected goods management system it is thus only one warehouse. The division into the two physical stores is carried out automatically by the system. So if auto filling is to be connected, only one filling system will be necessary. The warehousing performance, approx. 520 packs/hour, corresponds to that of the Apostore 3000. The dispensing performance can be scaled to the actual requirements by using 2, 3 or 4 integrated gripper arms.

All options of the Apostore family of machines can, of course, also be used here, such as e.g.:

  • security log
  • administration of partial quantity packs
  • label printer
  • integrated fridge
  • handling of bundles and large packs
  • grippers can be converted for 5kg


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