Medicine Carts | Distribution during and after production

MedicineCarts_-_OverviewCustom-made Medicine Carts with a variety of components and accessories to easy transport medicine.

For each stage in the production process and distribution of pouch rolls we have specially designed carts to make transport as easy as possible.

Medicine carts High and Low

Two sizes of medicine carts developed for transporting the dispensers. These carts can be customized with a wide range of accessories, from special dispenser tray to different file holder systems.

Medicine Carts Pro

Provides space for a computer and administrative support. It is built on a sturdy frame and can carry a cabinet or other accessories to fit every need.

PreLoader Cart

Used to store and transport preloaded conveyor trays used with the tablet packing machines. Provides storage for up to 20 trays.

BatchRoll Cart

Stores and transports the rolls that are produced by the TPM Winder. Provides storage for up to 5 rolls.


  • Sturdy design, with large castors for easy movement
  • The Medicine Cart High and Low comes with a wide range of accessories like;

Dispenser tray; each tray can hold up to twelve medicine dispensers. Five trays can be placed in the high cart and four in the low.
Accessory tray; an accessory tray can take the place of the top dispenser tray.
File holder; to store up to 18 files (depending on the size).
Trash bin; a four litre trash bin can be installed at the side of the medicine cart.


Medicine Cart:

  • Height: 1240mm / 1140mm
  • Width: 750mm
  • Depth: 550mm

Medicine Cart Pro/Cabinet:

  • Height: 975mm/ 640mm
  • Width: 686mm/ 410mm
  • Depth: 628mm/ 420mm

PreLoader and BatchRoll Cart

  • Height: 1237mm
  • Width: 607mm
  • Depth: 628mm

BatchRoll PreLoader_Cart

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