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global factories logoGlobal Factories brings ideas to life in a new and daring way. We offer specific solutions created in close cooperation with our customers. We are the market leader in the field of medicine pouch verification.

About the MDM system

Pharmacist-with-pouchAs pioneers in the development of medicine pouch verification techniques, we were the first to develop a reliable, accurate machine for this problem, the Medicine Detection Machine. The MDM reduces the time it takes to check pouches by 65%. The system is used worldwide and checks millions of pouches every day.

The MDM-system makes the pouch packing process more efficient, reliable and accurate by providing products which can detect, wind and monitor the produced pouches. It is the only independent system that is compatible with different tablet packing machines.


  • Examines every pouch as it leaves the packaging machine
  • Verifies its contents
  • Marks any incorrectly packaged pouches for rejection and re-view
  • Provides detailed information on the entire production process


MDM_2_series_-_in_use (1)The MDM project started in co-operation with one of the world’s leading pouch packing companies resulting in a unique system for pouch packing. And we made sure we patented it. Today, most of the world’s biggest medicine packagers use the MDM. Whether catering for 1,000 or 25,000 patients, the system is suitable for the full range of users

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and always delivers the highest level of efficiency and accuracy.


Checking the medication of a complete department in a nursing home is no problem for our MDM. By automating the checking and winding, versatility is automatically built into the system. And of course, the larger the wound batch, the more efficient the transportation and distribution.
If you are currently struggling with manual checking or winding procedures, or less-than-perfect accuracy in your pill detection system, then the answer to your problems could be closer than you think.


High speed and accurate checking
The MDM-system makes the packing process even more efficient, leaving more time for the pharmacist to give quality service to their customers. It reduces the time spent on the monotonous manual checking process of pouches and gives the pharmacy the ability to grow as a company but with the same amount of staff. The detailed management information makes it easy to im­prove the service and will allow the pharmacy to move ahead of its competitors.

Higher quality of the packing process
The MDM-system will detect more errors in the packed pouches than in manual checking, allowing these errors to be corrected before the pouches leave the facility. With the extra information that the system is able to gather it is easy to improve the whole packing process, continually increasing the quality of this process over time.

Increased efficiency
The MDM will check pouches much fas­ter than manual checking, and combined with a winder the patient rolls will come out ready to be packed. Using the other winding products will make the whole packing process even faster.

Monitor production and quality
The MDM System Web will provide full insight into all of the packing processes. By indicating the bottle necks in the production, finding a solution is much easier. All information is neatly organized onto one webpage, accessible from anywhere in the world (if your local network policy allows this).

Low false alarm rate
It is important that every wrongly packed pouch is marked for review by the system. It can happen that a correct pouch is misinterpreted by the system and is marked as wrongly packed, for instance if a pill lies on top of another when checked. These false alarms can have a great effect on the efficiency of the systems, as every alarm must be rechecked. During years of experience we have improved our system, resulting in the lowest false alarm rate compared to other checking machines (if pills are programmed correctly).

Surveillance and excellent traceability
The MDM-system provides detailed information about all checked pouches. Each pouch is photographed during the detection and the photo can be viewed afterwards. This valid information is securely saved in a database for future reference.


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