PharmaTech RFID Solution

Do you know that it is not only bed linen, table clothes or uniforms but also #reusable cloth #facemasks and medical #gowns can be traced with #RFID #Laundrychip? With the perpetuation of the global COVID-19 emergency, there is a big problem of eco-sustainability in the massive use of disposable personal protection equipment –such as facemasks and medical gowns-, as well as high cost and high risk of stock outages in the supply (given the enormous demand worldwide). For this reason, the washable cloth masks are an excellent alternative - and not least in terms of comfort of use - but as long as their protective efficacy is guaranteed. In order to wear a reusable mask or a gown in complete safety, it is necessary to accurately track the exact number of cycles to which it has been subjected to guarantee they do not reach the maximum number of wash cycles. By inserting RFID tags into masks and gowns, it’s possible to track them efficiently and each washing cycle can be effortlessly recorded. When the maximum allowed number of washing cycles has been reached, the mask is easily put aside and recycled. The operation has a positive impact on the laundry efficiency and allows to certify not only their disinfection but also their total effectiveness.

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