TOSHO has developed a new small Dose Dispensing Machine, Xana-2400CE, applying the technological feedback gathered through actual use of existing models and answering requests from users.


Printing (Windows font availability)

Supporting international letters, illustrations, images and barcodes.
All of the standard fonts available in Windows are printable. Various alphabets, characters and symbols can be printed on pouches as it is displayed on the PC screen.
Images including pictures, illustrations, logos and barcodes (Code 39 and 128), and QR code can be printed.


Surprising average speed! Experience it and you will understand.
Xana-2400CE allows an actual dispensing speed of 54 pouches per a minute in average, printing out in any Windows font, dispensing tablets from any Rotary Cassette in the Cabinet. Such an exceptional speed was measured under conditions similar to actual operation.


Daily cleaning has become much easier.
Cleaning is easy due to the detachable parts of the tablet-falling route.



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