Apostore 1000 – The automated picking system for rapid amortization.

apostore 1000

Apostore 1000 – pays for itself more quickly

This model is the “Offroader” of picking machines. Robust, versatile and reliable, and it contains everything that a picking machine needs. And this at a competitive price:

High storage capacity

  • by storing items close next to each other
  • up to 8 different items one behind the other

High degree of automation

  • with special servo-gripper

High output speed

  • due to direct access to all items
  • due to the collection of several items at the same time in one run

Fast and simple warehousing

  • independent of dispensing
  • with the simplest capturing of expiration dates
  • intake at the side or at the front

High safety

  • the number of moving parts is kept to a minimum
  • the parts used are proven industrial components





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