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MDM system

A unique, innovative solution to a critical problem

MDM system

A unique, innovative solution to a critical problem. The Medicine Detection Machine (MDM) automatically checks the content of every single-dose, combi-dose or multi-dose pouch and compares it against the prescribed medicines. Using a number of software algorithms, the MDM reads the pouch bar code and quickly and accurately checks the shape, colour and number of pills.

The MDM system makes the pouch packing process more ef?cient, reliable and accurate by providing products which can detect, wind and monitor the produced pouches. It is compatible with different types and brands of tablet packing machines.


  • Wide selection of innovative software solutions
  • Increases the quality of the entire packing process
  • Makes the packing process more ef?cient and faster
  • Provides detailed information on the entire production process ?? Can be used as platform for improving medication adherence

MDM 3 series and Winder

Combining checking and winding to increase ef?ciency

The MDM 3 series is a fully automated veri?cation system which includes the cutting and winding of batch rolls into separate patient rolls. Due to a high level of automation this machine is suited to process larger numbers of patient strings.


  • Used for the verification of larger amounts of pouch strings
  • Fully automated cutting, winding and sorting patient pouch rolls
  • Most industrialized process/production flow
  • Easy to add or increase capacity
  • Designed to efficiently and quickly check and wind larger batches

MDM 2 series

Checking pouches at high speed

The MDM 2 is our mid-size model. It is suited to process medium to large quantities of patient and batch strings. With a smaller footprint, the MDM 2 is also very suitable for smaller-scale re-packers and individual pharmacies.


  • Used for the verification of medium to large amounts of pouch strings
  • Multiple station production flow
  • Easy to add or increase capacity

MDM 1 series

Checking and reviewing patient pouch rolls

The MDM 1 series has been specially designed for verifying and reviewing medicine rolls on a patient level. Therefore, it is suitable for the smaller pharmacies, hospitals and care establishments.


  • Used for the verification of limited amounts of individual patient strings
  • Re-check of earlier produced individual patient strings
  • Small footprint, easy to move
  • Easy to use, plug and play, all-in-one functionality

TPM Winder

Winding pouch rolls from a tablet packaging machine

The TPM Winder is a fully automatic winder specifically designed to wind rolls from a tablet packaging machine, automatically adjusting its speed to the output of the packaging machine. The adjustable stand ensures the winder can be connected to different types of tablet packing machines.


  • Hygienic solution, saving time and money
  • Adjusts winding speed to output of packaging machine
  • Batch roll disk can also feed MDM machine

SA Winder

Winding pouch rolls

The SA Winder is a standalone winder that can also be used in conjunction with the MDM, controlled by a simple foot pedal or hand controller to regulate the speed. The Standalone Winder creates rolls of pouches at any speed and is very easy to use. The large head can handle rolls with a maximum diameter of 40 centimeters.


  • Semi-automated winding system for batch or patient rolls
  • Easy to maneuver and adjustable wind head
  • No need to crouch when changing batch rolls
  • Operated with foot or hand control

Table Winder

Winding individual patient pouch rolls

The Table Winder is a standalone winder for checking and repairing smaller, individual patient rolls. Table Winder operates in both directions, so whether you are left or right-handed it is very easy to use. It also features a simple release mechanism, so removing the roll and starting a new one is quick and easy. Table Winder can handle rolls with a maximum diameter of 18 centimeters.


  • Semi-automated winding system for patient rolls
  • Small footprint, fits easily on table or desk
  • Prevents wrist injuries
  • Operated with foot control

Medicine Carts High and Low | Customizable Distribution

Our medicine carts are not only created with an aesthetic design but are strong and durable, allowing them to withstand many years of heavy and intense usage. Two sizes of medicine carts have been developed to transport the dispensers. Each cart has a writing table and large castors for easy movement.

These carts can be customized with a wide range of accessories, such as;

  • Dispenser tray: Each tray can hold up to 12 medicine dispensers.
  • Five trays can be placed in the high cart and four in the low cart.
  • File holder: A file holder can store up to 18 files (depending on the size)
  • Accessory tray: An accessory tray can substitute the top dispenser tray
  • Trash bin: A four-liter trash bin can be installed at the side of the medicine cart.


Medicine Cart High: 1240 x 750 x 550mm (H x W x D)
Medicine Cart Low: 1140 x 750 x 550mm (H x W x D)


Medicine Dispensers | Safe and convenient storage

We supply different sizes of medicine dispensers, providing safe storage for each size pouch roll. Each dispenser presents the pouches one at a time, to be torn off along the perforation. The dispensers are ergonomically designed and simple to open with a clicking lock system


• Ergonomically designed
• Pouch labels are easy to read
• An easy and hygienic way to store medicine rolls

Customized dispensers:
The transparent dispensers can be customized. A company logo can be printed on the dispensers and the dispensers can be delivered in custom colors. Please contact us for more information.

Our range of Medicine Dispensers

Sapphire Dispenser

The smallest dispenser in the range. Can hold pouch rolls for dosages up to one week. This luxury version is made with high quality-, durable plastic and aluminum.

142 x 80 x 105mm

Diamond dispenser

Available in two sizes, Small (for dosages up to one week) and Large (for dosages up to three weeks). Produced using durable transparent plastic with a clip to hold the medicine roll in place.

S 120 x 90 x 122mm
L 170 x 97 x 185mm

Name Card dispenser

This dispenser has similar dimensions as the Diamond Large dispenser. At the front, there is a special clip to place a name and information card.

170 x 97 x 185mm

Wall Mount dispenser

The size of this dispenser is between the Diamond Small and Diamond Large. It is especially developed for wall mounting using either a special metal strip or a normal screw.

148 x 90 x 185mm

Flex dispenser

A practical dispenser with options for either displaying patient information or for mounting on a wall. It can stand in two different positions.

127 x 91 x 125mm


A simple and reliable support to take your medicine on time. Possible to set four different alarm times. Can hold large pouch rolls.

180 x 105 x 205mm


Multi-dose blister cards are a simple and easy way to give users an overview of their medicine intake, and in addition, these cards store the needed medication safely and easily each intake time. A new smart blister card helps the pharmacist, doctor and user to monitor the medicine intakes by registering the intake times and dates. This will help the blister card user to follow his medicine regime and help to improve medication adherence.

Advantages of blister cards:

- Easy, intuitive and clear;
- Monitor medicine intake and medicine conditions (temperature);
- Creates a clear overview of medicine intakes of a specific customer so the pharmacist can have an important role in advising the customer;
- With this advisory role and the regular customer contacts, the pharmacist can bind the customer to the pharmacy and increase pharmacy visits;
- Enhanced supervision of risk patients. It allows the pharmacist to review and monitor the medication compliance to ensure maximum impact of the therapy
- It is a proven concept;
- Can be used for manual filling or in combination with the VBM

The adherence pack step by step

- The pharmacist manually or automatically packs the medicine in the blister card. A blister card with smart chip is connected to the blister card user by the pharmacist, who will then provide the blister card to the user.

- The blister card user takes his medicine out of the cavity on a specific intake moment. The smart chip on the blister card registers the time and date the cavity is opened.

- During the use of the blister card, the intake times and dates can be viewed in a special app. When scanning the smart chip with a mobile device with NFC reading technology, all data can be viewed in the app.

- When returning the (empty) blister card to the pharmacist, the pharmacist can read out the exact times and dates of intake. In addition, the pharmacist can advise the blister card user or contact their doctor for a change request of the medicine (regime). The smart chip on the blister card also registers the temperature of the card during use, so the pharmacist knows if the medicine is stored in the right conditions.

- The user gets a new blister card for the next period. The pharmacist can re-use the smart chip for a new blister card by removing the information and connecting the smart chip to a new blister card and user.

The components | Adherence Pack

• Multi-dose blister card
This blister card can be delivered in different (cavity) sizes
• Smart chip
This chip is connected to a blister card user by a number, so no personal data is saved on this chip. The smart chip can be re-used for other users. Besides the intake dates and times, the smart chip also registers the temperature conditions of the blister card.
• Adherence foil/label
In combination with the sm art chip, this foil registers the time and date a dose is taken.

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