3-monthly lenses for Keratoconus, Post-CXL and Post-graft fitting

These soft contact lenses are designed to give clear, comfortable vision for people who have keratoconus. An improved front surface toric design gives more reliable vision, enhanced by unique wavefront technology.

Manufactured in silicone hydrogel material the lens allows 4 times the oxygen permeability of traditional hydrogel materials ensuring excellent comfort and longer wearing times.

KeraSoft® 3 benefits from a new, improved design and fitting system, which gives good, stable vision combined with greater comfort and longer wearing times. The award-winning wavefront control optics are invaluable in reducing the Higher Order Aberrations that cause the visual distortions characteristic of keratoconus.

Simple fitting system
Healthy and comfortable
Clearer vision
Wide range of prescriptions
Greater stability of vision

3-monthly lens for daily wear

Definitive™ Silicone Hydrogel (Filcon V 3)
74% water content

Base Curve Series 8.00 (A), 8.20 (B), 8.40 (C ), 8.60 (D)
Diameter 14.00mm 14.50mm 15.00mm
Power -30.00DS to +30.00DS
Cyl -0.50DC to -11.00DC (in 0.25 steps)
Axis 1? to 180? (1? steps)
Multifocal add up to +3.50DS (in 0.25 steps

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