Central Pharmacy

The benefits of automating the central pharmacy are many: substantial workflow efficiencies, better cost control, improved security, enhanced inventory management and improved accuracy and efficiency in dispensing medications. Perhaps none is more important than giving pharmacy more time for clinical intervention, which helps improve patient satisfaction and outcomes. Our goal is to reduce pharmacy’s role in supply chain management through a sophisticated group of automated solutions that can be used individually or integrated for a complete medication delivery process.





ROBOT RX is a fully automated solution that establishes the foundation for bar-code medication administration initiatives by managing 90 percent or more of patient-specific unit dose dispensing, with flexibility to replenish automated dispensing cabinets as well.


APOSTORE Solutions

As one of the worldwide leading manufacturers for pharmacy automated picking and logistic systems we are pleased about your interest.

Economic and reliable automated storage and retrieval systems from APOSTORE make it possible for you to have a future orientated storage and logistic management in your pharmacy. Our recently developed technology means for you more time for intensive customer relationship. Recognize the difference. Come Contact us. We are always available for you.

Deenova Solutions

We develop innovative systems for the traceability and automated management of medicines and medical devices, which allow us to fully manage clinical and logistic workflows.

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