3 functions electric hospital bed


      Three functions electric bed
      Size(L*W*H) 2080*960*(450-750)mm height could be customized 4 functions
  1. back raised function (max back angle:80°),
  2. leg raised function from 0°to-45°
  3. whole bed raised from 450mm-750mm
  1. Punched steel bed frame with round hole(powder coating surface treatment)
  2. Detachable ABS bed head&footboard
  3. Aluminum guardrail of 6 bars
  4. Central contrliled ABS noiseless Casters
  5. Mattress 8cm(4cm coconut fiber+4cm sponge)+water proof cover
  6. Jiecang motor
  7. Weight:
  8. Safety load :250kg
      Fitting:come IV post
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