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APOSTORE Products :


apostore 1000


Apostore 1000 – pays for itself more quickly




apostore 2000


Apostore 2000 – with big upgrading potential




apostore 3000


Apostore 3000 – the very highest performance and safety







Apostore TWIN – more than 2 fully-fledged machines




TOSHO Products :



TOSHO’s tablet dispensing machines are released in over 20 countries, with a focus on Europe. Since compliance with strict EU Directives is required in Europe, our products must deliver a high precision in its construction and clear various quality validations. In such a strict business environment, our Xana-4001U2 has been successfully recognized as the de facto standard of tablet dispensing machines.





TOSHO has developed a new small Dose Dispensing Machine, Xana-2400CE, applying the technological feedback gathered through actual use of existing models and answering requests from users.







Less space, more user friendly, more accurate. Effective use of space is always required in preparation rooms in order to safely deliver medicines to patients. With Xana-U4001 focus is put on the most basic things in medicine dispensing.



Cladding and Sunglaze

PALCLAD Pro wall cladding solutions offer a practical, cost efficient and comprehensive package that helps maintain high sanitation levels. The system combines flat PVC panels, produced by Palram for over 45 years, with proprietary profiling and welding rods in matching colors. Covering large areas is made easy with PALCLAD Pro cladding systems, which have already helped achieve high resistance to fire and chemicals in hospitals, pharmaceutical plants, restaurants, corridors and other locations.
A wide range of colors and surface textures allows versatile design options for many environments. The system’s ensures many years of service that will not be affected by frequent cleaning.
As regulatory authorities raise the sanitation requirements of food plants, medical facilities, restaurant kitchens, slaughterhouses, hospitals and other locations, Palram’s HYG active hygiene technology offers a second line of defence in meeting such standards. Anti-static SF products will meet other requirements concerning clean rooms and delicate manufacturing environments.

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