Less space, more user friendly, more accurate. Effective use of space is always required in preparation rooms in order to safely deliver medicines to patients. With Xana-U4001 focus is put on the most basic things in medicine dispensing.



Windows Front Print

All of the standard fonts available in Windows are printable. Various alphabets, characters and symbols can be printed on pouches as it is displayed on the PC. Images including pictures, illustrations, logos, barcodes (Code 39, 128) and QR codes can be printed.

Slide Cabinet

The slide cabinets, an original development of TOSHO, are dust proof, airtight, light resistant, and help preserving the quality of medicine stored inside.

LED Lights

If a Rotary Cassette runs out of tablets, the LED light on the front side of the cabinet will help you easily identify the location of the empty cassette. And when opening the cabinet, LEDs flash to alert the operator. (dispensing will be possible only when the cabinet is shut and all the LED lights are off.)

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