logo_toshoTOSHO Manufacture, wholesale and retail of machines and equipment for hospital pharmacies.

TOSHO develop various machines and equipment related to medicines.

The machine automatically dispenses and packs tablets and capsule into pouch for each dose time according to prescription of each patient from Host System.

TOSHO has long been developing Pharmaceutical Packaging Medicine dispensing for persons working in hospitals and pharmacies, with the idea of handling drugs more safely and effectively than before. Our product line-up includes machines and system for dispensing medicine, managing, as well as environmental equipment ensuring comfortable working conditions for medial staff. Our machines are running today to support safe dispensing operation.

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TOSHO’s tablet dispensing machines are released in over 20 countries, with a focus on Europe. Since compliance with strict EU Directives is required in Europe, our products must deliver a high precision in its construction and clear various quality validations. In such a strict business environment, our Xana-4001U2 has been successfully recognized as the de facto standard of tablet dispensing machines








TOSHO has developed a new small Dose Dispensing Machine, Xana-2400CE, applying the technological feedback gathered through actual use of existing models and answering requests from users.









Less space, more user friendly, more accurate. Effective use of space is always required in preparation rooms in order to safely deliver medicines to patients. With Xana-U4001, focus is put on the most basic things in medicine dispensing.







Machine control software: Filia is a system designed to provide an environment that allows you to use tablet-dispensing machines efficiently. To use the machines efficiently, it is important to establish a system that encompasses and takes into consideration all of the different operations in the facility. Based on our rich experiences from various countries, we have in Filia reviewed dispensing operations and completed a system serving as a perfect tool for using tablet-dispensing machines efficiently.


Packing Paper (ink ribbon)

Packing Paper: “Airlier” (PET) 250m / roll (3125 pouches from 1 roll)

Ink Ribbon: “Fine” (Thermal Transfer Ink Ribbon) 300m / roll





TOSHO Xana-4001U2

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