We develop innovative systems for the traceability and automated management of medicines and medical devices, which allow us to fully manage clinical and logistic workflows.


  • RFid systems for the traceability of medical devices
  • Robotic systems for the repackaging in unit doses and preparation of personalized therapy
  • Software for prescription and administration

Automated Therapy Dispensing

Deenova D3 Series

Automatic repackaging and dispensation of personalized therapies in unit doses, ensures simplified medications’ workflow to drive efficiency and traceability


Unit Dose Repackaging, Storage and Therapy Dispensation

An extremely compact and complete solution for the automatic management of oral solid therapies in unit doses.


  • considerably reduces medication errors
  • minimizes waste
  • the original packaging of the medication is preserved
  • optimizes storage
  • allows traceability
  • manages the expiration dates


Adjunctive Therapy Administration

-Installed directly in the wards, (ASTUS) allows controlled storage and the collection of drugs of all types.

-It is configurable according to the needs of each area and has different levels of security.

Medical Device Traceability

Deenova D8 Series

manages hospital micro logistics and traceability of medical Supplies



RFID secured cabinet

- Designed for storage and real time tracking of medical devices (implantable and consumable) or medications in their commercial packaging, anytime, anywhere.

- Automatically registers stored and removed items, and communicates with Orbit integrated software for micro logistic management, simplifying inventory processes and the management of cost allocations.



Kanban system for the management of medical devices (implantables and consumables)

- Designed to simplify the logistics inside healthcare facilities, in the daily activities of reordering medical supplies and low-cost medical devices.

- Thanks to the RFID technology the minimum stock of each product is identified by a notification card.

- The notification card, once inserted in the system, automatically generates the supply request by updating the reorder list.




- The ultimate Deenova’s RFID Gate, that, positioned in strategic junctions, doors or gates, guarantees the tracking of the whole workflow of medical devices inside the Hospital, from warehouse acceptance to the storage in SENTINEL secured RFID cabinets anywhere, anytime.



E-Prescribing and micro logistics management software

- Orbit simplifies workflow, for seamless order and inventory management, tracking and control of Medical Supplies from warehouse acceptance to patient-specific consumption allocation.

- ORBIT receives handles and exchanges information through the central warehouse or central pharmacy, clinical departments, intra-hospital logistics, and administration, ensuring optimal management, cost savings, waste reduction, and elimination of human errors, improving both hospital efficiency and the quality of care for the patient.


Fully Automated Closed Loop Medication Management

Deenova D1 Series

A fully automated closed-loop solution for the management of both medication and Medical Supplies, ensuring total traceability from prescription to administration to the bedside verification.



E-Prescribing and micrologistic management software

- A single software solution accessible to all healthcare providers to simplify and optimize the management of Medications and Medical Supplies

- ORBIT coordinates the integrated mechatronics technologies, from the prescription to the delivery of personalized therapies in unit dose format.

Software Features:

  • Integration with the various Medications and Medical Supplies database
  • Patient safety control “LASA” ( Look Alike Sound Alike) Medications search Management of pharmaceutical interactions, contraindications and allergies.
  • Real-time notification and validation of prescription changes for maximum patient safety by eliminating human errors
  • Collection of Medication and Device administration data
  • Cost allocation for each consumption area
  • Management of the laboratory for chemotherapy and support for the preparation of Chemotherapies
  • Proven interoperability with more than 50 software integrations in use in healthcare facilities
  • Informatic management of batch and expire data of the single-dose (Medication/Batch recalls, expired medicals)


Unit Dose Repackaging

- Next-generation mechatronics pharmacy robot for unit doses repackaging.

- The most versatile robot for unit-dose repackaging of medications

- Equipped with a highly automated feeding system and internal controls, ALL-IN-1 is the best in class solution to fully automatically handle all the packaging pharmaceutical formats of all oral solid medications, liquid medications, such as vials, syringes, ampoules, and all other formats of patches sachet, and suppositories

All-in-1 Station

Personalized Therapy Dispensing

- Is a modular “Plug & Play”, fully automated solutions allowing the management of all types of Medications (unit dose, packs, refrigerator or bulky medications, medications) and medical supplies, as a single point of conservation and preparation of the therapies in all types of wards.

- The only ward dispensing robot fit for acute departments

- Has been especially designed to meet the needs of acute wards thanks to the real-time management of therapy variations that can be prepared 24/7, without returns as per the traditional centralized system.


All-in-1 Trolley

Therapy Administration

- Administration through identification of the patient and therapy

- The administration of all types of medication forms is supported by the software, ORBIT, that indicates for a given patient the therapy prescribed and the drawer of the trolley in which the personalized unit dose therapy is contained

- A further check on changes or corrections of the prescriptions is guaranteed by the identification of the patient by reading the unique bracelet.


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