MDM 2 series | Checking pouches at high speed

MDM_2_series_with_UnwinderThe MDM 2 series checks pouches and has been specially designed for smaller-scale medicine repackers.

This compact system uses the basic technology of the MDM 3 series, and therefore has all the advantages of the larger system, but is more compact and operates on a smaller scale.

Software algorithms

The MDM is connected via a computer network to the tablet packaging machine control software, so that the MDM knows the content(s) of each pouch it examines. Using a number of software algorithms, the MDM reads the pouch bar code and quickly and accurately checks the shape, colour and number of pills. The system includes a vibration table to ensure pills are not lying on top of one another and a colour image capture to store a photographic record of each pouch for security and accountability.

Software review

Any pouches with incorrect contents are marked by the system for re-view in the software program MDC. All data gathered by the MDM, including details of the pills, patient information, and the photographic record of the pouch, are then passed to the system library. All of the software needed for detecting and reviewing the pouches can be used on the MDM itself, or at a separate computer connected to the MDM.


  • Specially designed for smaller, individual pharmacies, hospitals and care establishments.
  • Accurate checking of up to 75 pouches/minute
  • Captures a colour image of each pouch for accountability
  • Saves detailed information for process control and provides statistics for process overview in MDC and MDM-System Web


Technical specifications:

  • Power: 110V systems – 6.9A / PC power – 6A
  • 220V systems – 3.8A / PC power – 3A
  • Includes UnWinder unit


  • Width: 535mm
  • Length: 1360mm
  • Height: 950mm
  • Weight: 50 kg

MDM_2_series_-_in_use    MDM-2-series-entrance-close-up

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