Apostore 2000 – with big upgrading potential

apostore 2000



  • The Apostore 2000 has one of the best intake systems on the market. Several patents protect this proven process: simple placing of the packs, without the need for precise positioning, tap once or twice on the touch-screen for the expiration date – and if requested we will also provide you with the fastest automatic scanning currently in existence. Intake and dispensing of the Apostore 2000 are entirely uncoupled from each other and can therefore take place in parallel.
  • The Apostore 2000 takes in two packs at the same time in one run. This saves a lot of time and makes storing a real joy.
  • In warehousing, the packs are placed on shelves 40 cm deep. Here too, there is direct access to each pack and multipick (collection of several packs in one run) further accelerates the process.
  • The best thing, however, is the expandability. If the turnover increases, necessitating higher performance, a second handling device (gripper arm) can be built in over the weekend. This then ensures additional output.
  • The Apostore 2000 is designed for pharmacies who still have a lot planned for the future. It can be expanded piece by piece, as your business grows. You expand it when you need more performance. So you are excellently prepared for the future.



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