UVC Surface Mount


UV-CLEAN by Proximity is your ultimate guard against the spread of infectious pathogens, eliminating 99.9%* of pathogens on high touch surfaces, including your keyboard. Our automated chemical-free disinfecting technology is your second line of defense against the spread of infectious microorganisms.

The UV-CLEAN Surface Mount (UVC-SM) is designed to be used as a free-standing unit or you can easily remove the stand and attach the device to the top of any monitor bezel. Automated cleaning cycles with low doses of UV-C light is harmful for pathogens, yet safe for you. Although hand washing policies should be your first layer of defense, UVC-SM will provide an additional level of disinfection to all high-touch surfaces

How Does It Work?

  • Germicidal UV-C light is dispensed at low levels
  • Microorganisms absorb the UV-C wavelength
  • DNA of infection-causing pathogens are broken
  • Pathogens are disabled, stopping them from reproducing and spreading

How do I Know if It is Cleaning Consistently?

Simply download the cycle reports from each individual device to confirm cleaning. Every unit
includes a USB cable that allows you to connect the UVC-SM device to a PC. Easily access the
built-in audit trail that resides locally on each device,eliminating any network security issues.

Proactive, Next-Generation High Touch Surface Disinfectant

With UV-CLEAN, you can set up a strong line of defense against the spread of infectious microorganisms on high-touch surfaces or objects. Gain the upper hand in the battle against germs.


  • Automated and customizable cleaning cycle
  • Motion activated for safe deployment of UV-C light
  • 24" active cleaning area range
  • Internal memory and built-in audit trail
  • Flexible workspace configurations
  • Sleek and stylish design 6" length x 1" diameter
  • Affordable, scalable investment
  • Independent low energy LED task light
  • Two-year warranty


  • 100% recyclable UV stable plastic
  • UV-C bulb
  • 12" micro USB to USB wire included
  • 5.5 mm power port connection to USB or supplied power adapter
  • North America: UVC-SM-NA
  • International: UVC-SM-UP


  • Sits conveniently over your keyboard surface and automatically begins cleaning cycles
  • Two interchangeable brackets for your choice to mount over keyboard or above monitor
  •  Optimizes day-to-day workflow with an automatic means of self-disinfection
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