Solutions/Cleaners to use with UltraVision SiH Contact Lenses

UltraVision recommends a rub and rinse system for cleaning any of our lathe-cut Silicone Hydrogel contact lenses, including:

  • KeraSoft® IC
  • HydroWave®
  • Bandage SiH
  • Paediatric SiH
  • KeraSoft®3
  • Aphakic SiH
  • High Myopic SiH
  • Prosthetic SiH

Below are guidelines on solutions deemed suitable for any of the above lenses:

  • Surfactant cleaner (Not alcohol based)
  • Disinfectant solutions, including:
    • Biotrue
    • Focus Aqua
    • OPTI-FREE® Express®
    • OPTI-FREE® RepleniSH®
    • ReNu Multiplus®
    • Complete®
    • Synergi
    • MeniCare™ Soft
  • Peroxide Systems can be used if they are neutralised by either a platinum insert or tablet only:
    • Oxysept
    • Ever Clean®
    • EasySEPT®
  • Enzyme Cleaners, including:
    • Avizor Enzyme
    • Amiclair® (Abatron)
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