Mobility Software

Mobility Software

WaveMark’s Mobility Software uses the latest in mobile computing technology for tracking healthcare supplies in procedural areas, distribution areas, and storerooms. WaveMark is the only healthcare supply chain technology company to offer this level of supply chain mobility for both RFID and non-RFID

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tracked supplies.

High value products can be accounted for using RFID Smart Cabinets. Less expensive products can be tracked using a tablet connected with a Bluetooth barcode reader. The functionality includes:

  • Full inventory audits
  • Cycle counts
  • Put-away functionality
  • Picking to carts
  • Usage capture and documentation
  • Order placements and location restocking requests

The Mobility Software is completely integrated with the WaveMark RFID Smart Cabinets and Point of Use Stations, and interfaces into hospital billing and materials systems.

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