Finally, an automated solution for filling oral liquid Syringes!


Introducing the Precifill™DispensingPump

Another medication safety solution!

  • Simple to use
  • Significantly faster than manually filling oral liquid syringes
  • Reduces margin of error - accurately dispenses medications
  • Improves time management for pharmacy staff
  • Reduces repetitive strain of manual filling
  • Small footprint supports organized workflow
  • User-friendly software
  • Flexible - can also be used for IV preparations


Introducing the Precifill™ Pump

Versatility and Flexibility
In addition to automated filling of oral syringes, the Precifill™ Pump is ideal for filling IV products that require a high level of accuracy, such as syringes, mini-bags, cassettes and more.

Medication Safety
Fills oral liquid syringes or IVs with high-precision accuracy
± 1 % (volumes > 1 ml) and ± 2 % (volumes < 1 ml).

Accurate filling of volumes as low as 0.2ml and syringe sizes as small as 1 ml.
Eliminates manual filling and reduces the possibility of repetitive strain injuries.

Improved Pharmacy Function
The Precifill™ Pump has a unique capability to accurately fill small syringes with volumes such as oral morphine or IV oxytocin. The machine also delivers consistent and repeatable filling with viscous or
non-viscous solutions.

Users will appreciate the fast filling speed - a few seconds per syringe depending on viscosity and fill volume. Best of all, it is simple to set up and use.

User-friendly Software
The intuitive touch-control screen allows users to set up any production run in minutes. The one step "Adjust" calibration function and memory program storage capability provide ease-of-use in any situation. For user convenience, the software is also multilingual.


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