Intelliguard® Inventory and Management System

Hospitals are under increasing pressure to conserve costs wherever possible. The challenge to achieving greater visibility of inventory is nearly impossible to reach with manual medication management workflows. The Intelliguard® Inventory Management System uses RFID technology to automate this manual process.

Staff simply maintains their current workflow – open the door, remove what’s needed, close the door. The Intelliguard® Inventory Management System is equipped with an embedded RFID reader that scans for RFID tags and updates inventory every time the unit door is opened and closed. Information is automatically captured so managers always know what they have in stock and can enable auto restock alerts and reorder reminders.

The Intelliguard® Inventory Management System tracks and monitors critical pharmaceutical inventory levels as well as the conditions in which they are stored.

Staff and administration have immediate access to actionable information. Reports are available on demand through a web-based portal and notifications keep you informed:

  • Quickly find and remove expired or recalled medications
  • Process reorders based on PAR levels
  • Confidently reduce inventory and pre-paid inventory costs
  • Improve patient safety by reducing stock-outs
  • Increase inventory control through PAR-level, expiration and lot number alerts and reports

In an enterprise environment, aggregate reports across the enterprise, as well as visibility into each specific facility or cabinet, allow informed decision-making. For enterprise, multi-facility environments, you’ll even have information to enable transfers between facilities and keep track of Inventory in Transit. For centralized pharmacy operations, a single buyer has instant access to product stock levels and reorder requirements across the enterprise.



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