In Response to ASHP’s Unprecedented Demand, Health Robotics Announces USA’s 2012 Road Tour Schedule.

Bozen, Sud-Tirol, Italy – January 18th, 2012.

Health Robotics today released its upcoming 2012 schedule for USA’s 56-city product education road tour, showcasing on-site demonstrations of its world- leading IV Automation solutions, directly in response to the extraordinary demand generated by its 2nd Generation robots and workflow tools post-ASHP Midyear.

Gaspar DeViedma, Health Robotics’ Executive Vice President and Board Member, stated: “The USA market finally perceives that IV Automation is going “mainstream” after the proven facts that: i) Health Robotics won every worldwide IV Robot sale announced in 2010 & 2011; ii) the release of “live” clinical & R.O.I. results at USA- based hospitals from our 2nd Generation solutions leapfrogging competitors1. With American Health-System Pharmacies’ budgeting acquisitions in record numbers, we decided to support our partners’ HRCI, Grifols USA, and Americorp Financial in bringing IV Automation practically “to the doors” of American hospitals in 2012.”

Despite Health Robotics’ late start versus the majority of its competitors1, it recently reached 250 worldwide installations under contract [~1?2 IV Robots; ~1?2 clinical workflow software, approximately 10 times more IV Robot installations under contract than all of its worldwide competitors1 combined], after it successfully migrated to its 2nd Generation modular architecture of networked medical devices.

Concluded Mr. DeViedma: “Health Robotics dedicated the majority of its limited USA-based financial resources in 2011 into building a service/engineering organization to replace McKesson, simultaneously establishing a prestigious and reference-able customer base. Besides our continuing support for ASHP sessions like in past years, I don’t foresee Health Robotics beginning to compete with other companies1’ large sales & marketing budgets, nor do I anticipate making marketing expenses a priority. However, thanks to our very supportive 50+ USA-based installations, Health Robotics is now fortunate to be able to afford a prudent investment in providing other USA’s Health-System Pharmacists with face-to-face interaction regarding the customer-based safety and financial savings evidence inherent within our world-leading IV Automation 2nd Generation solutions.“

Health-System Pharmacy staff interested in attending these sessions listed below may register at:

Between February 21-October 26 these [afternoon-based] 4-hour patient safety and R.O.I. demonstration sessions have been scheduled across the following 56 cities and 30 United States of America: Anaheim (CA), Atlanta (GA), Austin (TX), Baltimore (MD), Boca Raton (FL), Boston (MA), Charlotte (NC), Chicago (IL), Cincinnati (OH), Cleveland (OH), Columbus (OH), Concord (NH), Dallas (TX), Denver (CO), Des Moines (IA), Detroit (MI), Greensboro (NC), Hartford (CT), Honolulu (HA), Houston (TX), Indianapolis (IN), Irvine (CA), Los Angeles (CA), Long Beach (CA), Miami (FL), Milwaukee (WI), Minneapolis (MN), Nashville (TN), Naples (FL), New York (NY), Norfolk (VA), Kansas City (KS), Oklahoma City (OK), Omaha (NE), Orlando (FL), Philadelphia (PA), Phoenix (AZ), Pittsburgh (PA), Portland (ME), Portland (OR), Riverside (CA), Rochester (NY), Salt Lake City (UT), San Antonio (TX), San Diego (CA), San Francisco (CA), Sacramento (CA), Sarasota (FL), San Jose (CA), Scranton (PA), Seattle (WA), Spokane (WA), St. Louis (MO), Tampa (FL), Tucson (AZ), and Washington D.C.

About Health Robotics: Founded in 2006, Health Robotics is the undisputed global leading supplier of life- critical Intravenous (IV) Medication Automation, winning 100% of all worldwide IV Robot’s sales announced in 2010 and 2011. With over 250 hospital installations in 5 continents for its robotics-based technology and clinical software automation solutions, the company has 10 times more IV Robots under contract that all of its global competitors combined. Its unique solutions have and will greatly contribute to ease hospitals’ growing pressures to simultaneously improve patient safety and reduce costs. Through the effective and efficient production of sterile, accurate, tamper-evident and ready-to-administer IVs, Health Robotics helps pharmacies eliminate life-threatening drug and diluent errors, decrease other medical mistakes and sterility risks, work more efficiently, reduce waste and controlled substances’ diversion, and diminish the gap between rising patient volume/acuity and scarce clinical staff.

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Health Robotics – Pharma Tech PR January 18,2012

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