Health Robotics’ i.v.STATION Robot Receives Prestigious INDUSTRIESPREIS 2012 Award for Medical Devices

Bozen, Sud-Tirol, Italy – May 21st, 2012.

Health Robotics today announced a new outstanding Award for its world-leading i.v.STATION Robot at Germany’s Hannover Messe, the world’s largest and most prominent technology trade fair. This new Award follows the 5th Annual Club Meccatronica Prize also won in 2011 by Health Robotics1.

Gaspar DeViedma, Health Robotics’ Executive Vice President, stated: “Health Robotics is the only company in the world that provides hospitals with both Robotics and Non-Robotics’ based Intravenous Admixture Compounding Automation solutions for Chemotherapy, TPNs, and other IVs. As the undisputed global leader in the market with 10 times more installations than all of its worldwide competitors2 combined, we are the only company in our sector to win several International Technology Awards for our life-critical intravenous compounding medical devices”.

The INDUSTRIEPREIS was created in 2006 by Huber Verlag für Neue Medien GmbH and it is awarded in 14 categories to companies for products of a high technological, economic, ecological or social value. Every year, an independent panel of 30 experts (including senior professors and specialized journalists) chooses the nominees and winners, evaluating more than 500 applications in 14 different categories (one which is Medical Devices). 2012 Medical Device Award recipients included Sarastro/APE (Controlled Release of Active Substances), Health Robotics’ i.v.STATION (Sterile Compounding Robot), and G-Tec (Brain-Computer Interface) Past Award recipients in the Medical Device category included such prominent companies as Gamro and Schwind. For more information visit

Mr. DeViedma continued: “i.v.STATION represents Health Robotics’ 2nd Generation Sterile Compounding Robot for syringes and I.V. Bags, several years ahead of its competition2. Amongst the technology innovations pioneered by i.v.STATION are: automated tamper-evident syringe capping; small footprint [at 15% to 25% of the size/weight of other I.V. Robots]; and faster throughput [up to 40 to 50 patient doses per hour instead of 20 doses per hour]. Together with i.v.STATION ONCO and i.v.SOFT and their extreme price/value advantages over the competition2, we expect to continue in future years our unquestioned global dominance and success.”

1 Mechatronics is an interdisciplinary area of engineering that combines mechanical and electrical engineering and computer science. 2 Worldwide Competitors: MDS (now Fresenius Kabi) [2002], RIVA/Intelligent Hospital Systems [2005], For Health Technologies (now Baxa/Baxter) [2008], Panasonic [2009], Loccioni’s APOTECAchemo [2010] (under license from Health Robotics).

About Health Robotics: Founded in 2006, Health Robotics is the undisputed global leading supplier of life- critical intravenous medication robots, winning 100% of all worldwide I.V. Robot’s publicly announced purchases in 2010 and 2011, and providing over 250 hospital installations in 5 continents with robotics-based technology and clinical software automation solutions. Health Robotics’ world-leading solutions CytoCare® and i.v.STATION® ONCO [hazardous IVs], i.v.STATION® [non-hazardous IVs], i.v.SOFT® [workflow engine for sterile compounding], OMM® [Oncology Medication Management], MEDarchiver® [life-critical clinical information system], and TPNstationTM [totally-automated parenteral nutrition] have and will greatly contribute to ease hospitals’ growing pressures to improve patient safety, increase throughput and contain costs. Through the effective and efficient production of sterile, accurate, tamper-evident and ready-to-administer IVs, Health Robotics’ products help hospitals eliminate life-threatening drug and diluent exchange errors, decrease other medical mistakes and sterility risks, work more efficiently, reduce waste and controlled substances’ diversion, and diminish the gap between rising patient volume/acuity and scarce medical, nursing, and pharmacy staff.

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Health Robotics – Pharma Tech PR May 21,2012

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