Health Robotics Reports Record 32 New Sales in 2Q2012 and 63 New Sales YTD, Reaching 300 Global Installations

Bozen, Sud-Tirol, Italy – July 11th, 2012.

Health Robotics today reported 32 new contracts in 2Q2012, continuing its three- year dominance of the global Sterile Compounding Automation market. On a year- to-date basis, 2012 new contracts reached an all-time record of 63 new contracted installations over the last 6-month period, a three-fold increase in sales bookings year-over-year. Health Robotics continued to consistently demonstrate that it is the only real choice in the Sterile Compounding Automation market, even beating its major competitor (Intelligent Hospital Systems-RIVA) in its own Canadian market.

Gaspar DeViedma, Health Robotics’ Executive Vice President and Board Member, stated: “I’m delighted with such strong 2Q2012 results, especially following our record 1Q sales and also following Health Robotics’ winning 100% of all worldwide I.V. Robot’s publicly announced purchases in 2010 and 2011. Hospital pharmacists have widely recognized the undeniable fact that Health Robotics’ 2nd Generation modular architecture of networked medical devices are fully automated, offer 3 to 4 times faster speed/throughput, for less than half the price, size, and weight than its global competitors1, and delivering payback periods/R.O.I. of less than 1 year.”

During 2Q2012, Health Robotics and/or some of its partners (Sandoz Canada, Grifols, SinoPharm, Rivosem, Tosho, S&T, and PharmaTech) signed 32 new installations under contract, including 14 I.V. Robots, and 18 i.v.SOFT agreements at: Regina Hospital (Canada), Pasqua Hospital (Canada), Scripps Health (USA), SAHZ Haarlem (Holland), Albert Einstein Cancer Center (Brazil), Istanbul Capa University Hospital (Turkey), Ankara Numune Hospital (Turkey), University Hospital Brno (Czech Republic), and 309 Military Hospital (China), amongst others.

Mr. DeViedma concluded: “I’m thrilled to continue the market momentum that Health Robotics had already generated in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific after it terminated non-performing indirect sales channels and decided to enter direct sales in certain key countries. This dominant market momentum has now expanded to Brazil, China, and other growing economies. 2Q2012 new sales included 7 Oncology robots for hazardous medications, and an additional 7 robots for non-hazardous sterile compounding, including the first 2 i.v.STATION robots sold in Turkey and the first i.v.STATION sold in Czech Republic.

1 Competitors: Loccioni/AEA, IHS/RIVA, MDS (now Fresenius Kabi), FHT/Baxa (now Baxter)

About Health Robotics:

Founded in 2006, Health Robotics is the undisputed global leading supplier of life- critical intravenous medication robots, winning 100% of all worldwide I.V. Robot’s publicly announced purchases in 2010 and 2011, and now providing 300 hospital installations in 5 continents with robotics-based technology and IV clinical software automation solutions. Health Robotics’ world-leading solutions CytoCare® and i.v.STATION® ONCO [hazardous IVs], i.v.STATION® [non-hazardous IVs], i.v.SOFT® [workflow engine for sterile compounding], OMM® [Oncology Medication Management], MEDarchiver® [life-critical clinical information system], and TPNstation® [totally-automated parenteral nutrition] have and will greatly contribute to ease hospitals’ growing pressures to improve patient safety, increase throughput and contain costs. Through the effective and efficient production of sterile, accurate, tamper-evident and ready-to-administer IVs, Health Robotics’ products help hospitals eliminate life-threatening drug and diluent exchange errors, decrease other medical mistakes and sterility risks, work more efficiently, reduce waste and controlled substances’ diversion, and diminish the gap between rising patient volume/acuity and scarce medical, nursing, and pharmacy staff.

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Health Robotics – Pharma Tech PR July 11,2012

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