Health Robotics Announces Worldwide Launch of the “i.v. Room of the Future” Concept at Las Vegas’ ASHP

Bozen, Sud-Tyrol, Italy – November 18th, 2011

Health Robotics today announced the worldwide presentation and launch of its revolutionary vision for “The i.v. Room of the Future” at the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists’ Mid-Year Meeting December 6-10 in Las Vegas, along with an initial consortium of development partners that currently includes Biomedical Technology Consulting and MEDarchiver.

The i.v. Room of the Future is not a product; it is a concept to fulfill the last frontier in hospital automation after many recent advances to other life-critical areas such as Operating Rooms and Intensive Care Units. It delivers increased patient safety, reduced costs, and improved operational efficiency through enhanced care-team communication and digital/patient-centered tools; it re-engineers arcane processes; and it enables situational awareness of the I.V. Medication Management workflow across the patient-care continuum. We will continue to build upon our current robots and software automation solutions with equally revolutionary holographic user interfaces that will take sterility and zero cross-contamination to a new level” stated Werner Rainer, Health Robotics’ CEO.

The i.v. Room of the Future concept is a “Patient-Aware, All-Digital” vision depicting a common visual and operational framework that elevates the overall understanding of the patients’ i.v. Medication needs- its clinical, logistics, quality, costs, and procedural structures; the real-time tracking of i.v. Medications across the care continuum; the situational awareness of the i.v. Room’s status; the optimization of robotics and software automation tools to bridge the gap between rising patient volume/acuity and scarce pharmacy personnel resources; and finally the procedural discipline through visible steps and/or check-points that ensure that critical steps are taken, quality procedures are followed, and audit trails are generated as a by-product of the IV Admixture process.

“While Health Robotics had previously done an excellent job for us with CytoCare and related clinical software automation tools in safely and aseptically compounding I.V. Medications, we can now finally track what happens to the I.V.s once they leave the Pharmacy. It was a shame in the era of FEDEX and DHL that while we can personally track any letter worldwide in near real-time, we were previously not able to track within our own hospital walls the location of the I.V. Bags once they left the Pharmacy, were unaware of whether they were administered to patients at all unless they were returned a few days later, thus leading to potential patient safety errors and repeat I.V. Admixtures; now the Pharmacy acquired real-time tracking of the status of I.V. doses hospital-wide.” stated Tommaso Petitti MD, Chief of Medical Staff, Campus Biomedico University Hospital, Rome.

“The results of i.v. Room of the Future and the combination of Health Robotics products, MEDarchiver workflow tools, and BTC’s architecture and design methodologies yields an end-to-end solution that captures, integrates, displays, and stores all relevant information produced and needed by medical devices, general purpose devices, pharmacy information systems, hospital information systems, and I.V. tracking solutions, at the same timepresenting information in the manner clinicians need it, and enabling customization by hospital and/or clinical user in order to ensure patient-aware specific workflow needs, stated Dr. Pietro Paluselli, Chief of Pharmacy, Bozen General Hospital, Bolzano.

About Health Robotics: Health Robotics is the undisputed global leading supplier of life-critical intra-venous medication I.V. Admixture robots, providing healthcare facilities in 4 continents with robotics technology and software automation solutions. While architecting the i.v. Room of the Future, its world-leading solutions CytoCare [hazardous IVs], i.v.STATION [non-hazardous IVs], i.v.SOFT [workflow engine] and the future development of TPNstation have and will greatly contribute to ease hospitals’ growing pressures to improve patient safety through the effective and efficient production of sterile, accurate, and ready-to-administer IVs; to eliminate life-threatening drug-exchange errors and to decrease other medication errors and sterility risks; and to work more efficiently, increase throughput, reduce waste, and contain costs. Additional benefits derived from Health Robotics’ vision to complete the i.v. Room of the Future around 2011 include improving situational awareness of the I.V. Medication Management processes across the continuum of care, enhancing multi-disciplinary clinical communications, and reducing the gap between rising patient volume/acuity and scarce pharmacy personnel. For more information, please visit

About Biomedical Technology Consulting GmbH (BTC): BTC is a company established in 2000 that currently operates in Europe and the Middle East. Founded by a group of biomedical engineers with 20+ years experience in biomedical and clinical engineering, BTC provides consulting services in the field of biomedical technology, including a wide range of services tied to the functional planning and activation of several diagnostic and therapeutic services: from the optimization of the architecture lay- out and workflow to the customization of the required equipment (furniture, information systems, etc.) For more information, please visit

About MEDarchiver S.r.l: MEDarchiver was founded in 2001 stemming from the collaboration between worldwide companies operating in the fields of biomedical engineering, health telematics and clinical engineering. Its mission is to complete complex and integrated information systems projects for healthcare facilities. MEDarchiver offers unparalleled expertise in medical device integration and advanced clinical systems development. MEDarchiver provides our customers with skilled professional resources (biomedical, clinical, software and electronic engineers), making sure the path to the end of each and every project is smooth and trouble-free.

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Health Robotics – Pharma Tech PR November 18,2012

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