C2C – the eHealth company

C2C was founded in 2005, when the use of IT technologies in the health care sector was beginning to show its true worth. Son Llàtzer’s Hospital, in Palma de Mallorca, is a national reference point for being one of the first paperless hospital’s in Spain and served as an inspiration for the founding of this company.

Since its inception C2C’s mission has been the improvement of the quality of care with the help of new technologies. Innovation and a profound knowledge of the specifics of the health care sector are fundamental strategic pillars of C2C

At the end of 2009 C2C became part of eDiagnostic’s group. At present C2C has at its disposal several multidisciplinary teams: engineers, computer scientist and clinical consultants, with ample experience in the health care sector, headquartered at different locations across Spain; these teams are able to offer a technological solution to the great challenges presented by 21st century’s health care.

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