Anesthesia Rx

anesthesia-rxThe New Standard for Anesthesiology Automation and Narcotic Control in the Operating Room

Aesynt’s Anesthesia-Rx™ medication cart is specifically designed to complement the complex workflow of an operating room. Anesthesia-Rx helps anesthesiologists and certified registered nurse anesthetists access the medications they need, when they need them. Anesthesia-Rx balances procedure requirements with end-of-day accountability, supporting automatic processing of all formulary, filling, inventory and charge capture needs.

The mobile cart, designed in collaboration with anesthesia providers, enhances communication between pharmacy and the operating room (OR) while supporting safety and regulatory compliance. Anesthesia-Rx has many industry-leading features, including rapid medication and narcotic selection from the Virtual Pocket™ layout displayed on the screen, providing quick and easy access; customizable cart configurations; the widest range of drawer and pocket options; 19” touch screen monitor; and advanced locking features and alerts. The color syringe label printer option automates the printing of critical medication information for regulatory compliance and improved safety.



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