Automated Packaging

ROBOT-RxHelps Improve Patient Safety and Process Efficiency with Robotic Medication Dispensing

Aesynt’s ROBOT-Rx® is the automated medication dispensing solution that establishes the bar-code foundation for bar-code medication administration. Managing 90 percent or more of a hospital’s daily medication volume, ROBOT-Rx helps to prevent medication errors, reduce pharmacy labor and lower drug inventory. The hospital pharmacy robot automates medication storage, selection, return, restock and crediting functions, while supporting accuracy, control and compliance. ROBOT-Rx helps eliminate time-consuming tasks, allowing pharmacists increased time for clinical care.

The recently redesigned ROBOT-Rx features all new aesthetics and enhanced acoustics, updated control systems, more precise bar-code scanning and increased dose and line item capacity with a new, extra-small package option. A new envelope design helps pharmacy and nursing maintain accountability for dispensed and unused medications.





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