VBM (Blister Packing Machine)


Why use Medication Blisters?

A blister card is an easy way to give users an overview of their medicine intake. When combined with the optional adherence chip, medicine intakes can also be monitored by registering the intake times and dates.




BlockBlister__VBMThe VBM provides automated filling of Global Factories’ unit- and multi-dose blister cards, which securely store patient medication and provide a visual blueprint of required daily intake. The Thinfilm Memory labels will enable Global Factories’ clients to confirm authenticity of the VBM blister cards, ensuring only safe and qualified materials are used in the system. In addition to packing and checking of blister cards, the VBM uses a patented verification technique that makes distribution of medicine safer and more efficient than ever before.

The VBM Blister Packing Machine fills and verifies our Personal Medication Cards. Using proven patented technology that we have developed to verify medicine pouches, we can assure the medicines are correctly packed in the blister cards, while improving efficiency in the packing process.



Blistercards filled and checked in one

Using the unique and proven verification techniques of Global Factories, the VBM fills and checks multidose blister packings accurate and quickly. Send us your email address if you want more information about this innovative new machine!

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