KL50ic/icf — QC counts and small- to mid-volume bottling

kl50The KL50 (ic and icf models)   is ideal for pharmaceutical and supplement manufacturing facilities, clinical trials, check counting and other specialty applications needing small- to mid-capacity counting and bottle-filling. The KL50ic/icf also is well-suited for manufacturing facilities that need absolute accuracy when batch-counting identical-shaped items (e.g., seeds, electronic components). 

This device counts and bottles in a semi-automatic process, eliminating manual counting and improving accuracy. Use the KL50ic as a fast, acccurate check-counter. The KL50icf, with its high-capacity rotating hopper, is ideal for both QC counting as well as smaller-scale bottling runs, clinical trial preparation, or other applications.

  • High-speed counting system for QC batch verification, packing filling tablets or capsules into bottles, or batch-counting identical-shaped parts
  • Fast, accurate counting using Kirby Lester technology (up to 1,920 parts/minute, adjustable)
  • No adjustments to count different products
  • Small footprint, simple operation and cleaning
  • Adjustable counting speed
  • Two versions: The KL50ic holds up to 500 size-0 capsules and is an ideal device for stock bottle QC counts; the KL50icf accommodates an additional 1,800 capsules (2 liters) in the removable rotating hopper to manage short- to medium-volume bottle-filling runs, as well as QC counts
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