KL100 — Streamlined robotic dispensing for medium to high volume pharmacies — with “FillSafe™ ” security system

KL100The KL100 brings a new level of efficiency and safety to busy retail/outpatient pharmacies and central fill facilities. Fully 50 percent (or more) of a pharmacy’s total daily orders can be easily dispensed in a robot that’s less than 5 feet deep. The streamlined KL100 is smaller than most pharmacy robots and easily fits into an existing floor plan without the need for renovation. But by automating 100 of a pharmacy’s top-moving tablets and capsules, the KL100 provides an elevated capacity for pharmacies wanting to automate a higher number of SKUs. With the KL100 managing the bulk of your prescriptions, your staff can then focus on important initiatives that drive your pharmacy forward.

New! The exclusive “FillSafe™ ” system elevates security levels in the KL100, preventing any unapproved cassette replenishment. The KL100 is proof-positive that you don’t need an oversized, overpriced pharmacy robot to manage the majority of your daily prescriptions quickly, safely and accurately.

  • Free up valuable time – The KL100 automatically dispenses the bulk of your prescriptions automatically. Your pharmacy staff is freed up to concentrate on important priorities like customer service, adherence,  MTM or other initiatives that help the pharmacy’s efficiency, profitability and expansion. 
  • Fully Automate 50% (or More) of Your Total Orders –  The KL100 pharmacy robot is perfectly sized for pharmacies wanting the next level of automation to handle a higher volume of daily scripts.
  • “FillSafe™ “: Built-In Security for Peace of Mind During Refilling – The foolproof FillSafe™  security system prevents dispensing from a cassette whose refill or return-to-stock was not authorized by a pharmacist. Cassettes are automatically deactivated when removed.
  • Safety First, Without Compromising Fast Operation – Along with the FillSafe™ security system (above), the KL100 is equipped with multiple safeguards, including user fingerprint tracking, NDC barcode verification, and more. The KL100 balances the highest security standards with the fastest dispensing and most hassle-free operation.
  • Small Footprint, Big Results    – Less than 5′ deep, the KL100’s streamlined design eliminates the need for costly renovation.
  • Industry-Best Speed and Accuracy   – Orders are labeled, counted and presented in about 30 seconds. Drug-specific cassettes provide superior accuracy and speed; gravity-feed design and adjustable cassette speed avoid the pill-jamming and miscounting frustrations of error-prone hand-calibrated cassettes.
  • Flexible Vial Type and Size   – The KL100 can accommodate many common vial types and two different vial sizes. Choose the vial that suits your business.
  • User-Friendly, Easy Installation   – Maintaining the KL100 takes a few minutes a day, and loading vials, labels and medications is easy. The KL100’s intuitive software guides the technician through the simple Rx filling process. Requires standard 110v power. No compressed air, remodelling, special wiring or engineering are needed.
  • Industry-leading uptime    – Pharmacy automation should improve your workflow, not slow it down. The KL100 pharmacy robot’s proven reliability record is enabled by Kirby Lester’s remote-access software and 24/7 Technical Support Team based in our Lake Forest, IL headquarters.
  • Achieve a 100% Verification Environment   – While the KL100 manages the majority of orders, your remaining orders can be verified and counted with Kirby Lester’s KL1Plus, KL20 and KL30 – countertop systems. The KL100 networks with Kirby Lester’s counting devices to achieve complete verification of 100% of all prescriptions — oral solids and unit-of-use items.
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