Automated Medication Dispensing Cabinet (ADC)

Designed to optimize inventory, increase productivity, improve ease of use and reduce diversion, Aesynt’s automated point-of-care solutions bring medications closer to clinical areas. As a result, clinicians can deliver medications to patients more efficiently and safely—on the patient floor or in the operating room.





AcuDose-Rx® is an automated medication dispensing cabinet solution that enables nurses to get the medications they need, when they need them, while optimizing medication inventory, controlling medication delivery at the point-of-care and balancing safety and accessibility.









 Anesthesia-Rx is a medication dispensing cart that facilitates workflow efficiency, helps improve patient safety and regulatory compliance and provides on-demand anesthesia storage and retrieval at the point of administration in the operating room.








narcstation NarcSation-Rx oversees the access, control and tracking of all controlled medications within the hospital or health system pharmacy department. Comprised of a software tracking system and optional secure narcotic vaults, NarcStation helps hospitals and health systems maintain record-keeping, reporting and transaction data for all controlled substances—from the wholesaler to the nursing unit.

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