Intelliguard® RFID Solutions

Solutions for critical pharmaceutical inventory are key to ensuring patient safety


The Apostore Twin possesses shared warehousing for both machines.

KeraSoft IC soft contact lenses

Correct the vision rather than mask the problem

PharmaTech® - The new definition of health care !

PharmaTech® Medical equipment trading L.L.C is a leading medical Robotics technology, distributor for the G.C.C. countries centrally based in Abu Dhabi. Committed to provide the highest quality, patient care, cost saving, accurate, advanced generation and reliable solutions. PharmaTech® deploys wide range of solutions from most advanced generation Robotics, health care supply chain improvement solutions, and e-Health technology medical equipment: Automated Dispensing Medical Cabinet – Decentralized (AcuDose) and Centralized (Robotic – Rx) Solution by Aesynt company, I.V. Automated Compounding Robotic System by Health Robotics company, Real-time RFID Smart Cabinet by Cardinal Health -WaveMark company, Out Patient (Retail) Robotic Pharmacy Dispensing Solution by Apostore company, Fully Automated Tablet Packing Machine by TOSHO company, and Medicine Pouch Verification by Global Factories.

UltraVision CLPL

The Benz Corporation has advised UltraVision that the use of enzyme cleaners, in conjunction with peroxide solutions, can damage the UV blocker in the Benz TM 3X material. Please ensure that wearers do not mix peroxide and enzyme cleaners together. Enzyme cleaners and peroxide solutions, when used individually, are not harmful to the UV blocker.

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Automated Garment System Scrub Station

WaveMark’s RFID Smart Cabinets allow real-time tracking of hospital inventory as part of the WaveMark Inventory Management solution. Hospitals obtain full visibility...

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